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  2. Configure Diamond Lattice
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  4. MB Stone Care MB-9 Mold & Mildew – Easy Stone Care
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General Information

Over suppliers can give you a quotation. Related Products from Alibaba.

You may also be interested in vacuum line bumper lines drilling line shop on line nylon long line in line feeder long lines cable tea maker line fiber optic line plastic hook line. Lang also free shipping korean couple beach pants beach pants shorts shorts big yards sports men and women diamond lattice CN Masking a house the right way is hard and takes a lot of skill.

Configure Diamond Lattice

It is imperative that masking be done right, and the expert painting contractors at Ace of Diamonds Painting ensure a quality masking job every time. The next step in an exterior painting project involves scraping in order to remove old, peeling paint and feather sanding of bare wood for better surface area and a smooth finish.

Areas of peeling and flaking paint need to be scraped and sanded in order to ensure a long-lasting paint job. If areas are not sanded, new paint will not stick well.

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Before the first coat of color is applied on an exterior painting job, a primer coat is applied on all bare wood and other areas where paint is failing. Bare wood areas that have been scraped and sanded will be spot primed using a high-quality primer. Primer soaks into wood better than latex paint, and it creates a glue between the wood and the paint that will ensure a long-lasting home painting job. Caulking the exterior of your home will seal nail holes, siding cracks, gaps, nail heads, and windows.

Ace of Diamonds Painting uses a premium elastomeric acrylic sealant with excellent flexibility and performance.

MB Stone Care MB-9 Mold & Mildew – Easy Stone Care

It is the best latex choice for exterior applications. When the prep for your exterior painting project is complete, we will spray the body of the house, followed by hand-brushing and rolling the trim for full coverage with crisp clean lines. Once the exterior painting has had time to dry, we recommend the body is gone over again vertically with a roller in order to provide additional coverage and a nice even finish. Ace of Diamonds Painting offers this as an additional option, and it can really make a huge difference.

Once your exterior painting project is finished, Ace of Diamonds Painting will review the finished product with you and confirm complete satisfaction of the job. Be sure to ask a professional from Ace of Diamonds Painting for details during your initial consult and estimate. We are methodical in our approach therefore we don't miss key elements of the job. We know each job is unique, but our process is proven to provide repeatable results.

We have a professional staff commited to delivering results in a reasonable time. JavaScript is Disabled For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Toilet

Contact Us Here. Our Services. Our Exterior Painting Process The system that Ace of Diamonds Painting uses has been developed over years of practice in order to give our customers an outstanding experience. Initial Consult and Estimate Your satisfaction is our priority! Pre-Project Preparation From the moment you agree to work with us, our staff works with you to come up with a schedule and ensure a seamless start to your exterior painting project.