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Welcome to the Wyoming State Archives! - Wyoming State Archives

This auction is for the 2nd Issue of "Doctor Death" March The inside pages are cream colored and very supple with no flaking. Shipping is via priority mail with signature confirmation to the U. Flag item for content or copyright. Girasol Collectables brings us another great page for page reprint, this time of issue 1 of one of the most popular characters of the spicy genre. This issue features the novel "Murder on the Sound Stage" where a detective sticks his neck out too far, trying to keep a pretty girl from becoming a murderess. Plus "Bullet From Nowhere", "A Comet Passes", and three other stories from the pen of Robert Leslie Bellem, featuring the hardboiled detective living in the spicy world of s Hollywood.

Schneider, pp. Fully illustrated with all of the original interior artwork from the original pulp magazines]. Short lived, this magazine later was retitled to just plain Hollywood Detective and published more than just Bellem's hollywood dick.

Manual The Adventures of Lesbians in Public Volume 1 & 2

Have you ever encountered it? Well, when you read enough of the works of Robert Leslie Bellem, the creator of Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective, you will have that deja vue feeling--Bellem was not above rewriting his older, spicy stories, into tamer products.

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This collection brings together six pairs of stories, the first, usually spicy, version, and the rewritten version. Also included are the original illustrations for both versions of the story. The Dan Turner stories ran through three distinct phases: volume 1 deals with the early Spicy period, and includes the first 4 stories published.

The stories in this volume range from to Each story also features the original artwork which graced the pages of the pulp magazines upon their first appearance. Features 20 complete stories and 2 articles by Bellem. The Dan Turner stories ran through three distinct phases: volume 2 deals with the middle period, a slightly less spicy period, when Dan Turner appeared in his own magazine, filled with his own stories.

The stories in this volume are from Features 21 complete stories and a letter from Bellem. The Dan Turner stories ran through three distinct phases: volume 3 deals with the final period, from the end of to The Dan Turner stories now have less sexual content and more comedy, but still contain the same type of detective story. Features 15 complete stories and a Dan Turner bibliography.

These are presented in facsimile format. Every story in this collection is packed with brutal fistfights and blazing gun battles. You'll get stalwart, two-fisted, fast-on-the-draw heroes. You'll get beautiful young women almost as tough as the heroes, and they won't hesitate to grab a gun and take the fight to the bad guys when they have to. And speaking of bad guys, you'll get plenty of despicable villains, too. This collection brings together Robert Leslie Bellem's entire output for Spicy Western Stories, plus a short biography of the author. Six-gun fun from start to finish! Completely illustrated with the original pulp artwork.

Articles on West Virginia Coal Mine Disasters

Zeng Omnibus , by E. Hoffmann Price, W. Zeng Contents: "Fangs of Doom" by E. Hoffman Price "Blood Cargo" by W. Bellem "Sinister House" by W. Bellem "Camelback Kill" by W. Bellem "Blackmail Clinic" by W. Bellem "Corpse Cargo" by W. Bellem [--Limited edition hardcover An American who posed as a Chinese scholar, Dr. Featuring all seven installments. Includes an all-new introduction by Will Murray. Plot Summary: A private detective is approached by a wealthy entertainment executive to stop a blackmail scheme against him.

Zacharias were the basis of this series based on American counterespionage from 25 years in naval intelligence They are scheduled to be picked up in Indonesia by the Seaview. On the last leg of their escape, the official is wounded and the daughter is captured. With the official recovering in the sick bay, the Seaview now must either leave the daughter behind or make a rescue attempt.

Time is running out, and dangerous agents are snooping around everywhere. The submarine Seaview is commissioned to investigate the mysteries of the seas. Coon co-teleplay , Gene L. Coon story , etc. Plot Summary: Sent to keep an eye on a studio head's girlfriend at a Northern California film shoot, hardboiled P. Dan Turner, is forced to go into hiding when someone shoots his best girl and a police buddy with his gun.

Turner must figure out who shot his friends or take the rap. Biggers' characters. Chinese-American detective Charlie Chan is called in to help solve baffling cases, aided by his 1 son. Bellem wrote episodes of such series as: Western Marshall; The Texan. Bellem also came up with the pilot for a proposed "Superboy" series, and was still deeply involved in the television business in , when he died. Thanks to Bill Halvorson and John Wooley for additional information!

A Murder of Convenience

Contraband , by Cleve F. No Wings on a Cop , by Cleve F.

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Shady Lady , by Cleve F. Dan Turner C omic-strip stories black-and-white : Scripted by R. Death's Detour: The Surgeon of Souls.

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Gallows Heritage: The Surgeon of Souls. Drop Dead! A bookful of Dan Turner stories. From the pages of Spicy Detective, Speed Detective, and Hollywood Detective, here are 13 action packed Dan Turner stories complete with original illustrations and an introduction by John Wooley. This volume includes 13 never before reprinted gems, spanning nearly two decades of rough and tumble adventures.

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Bellem's writing style was filled with colorful euphemisms and similes. It's this writing style that gives Turner his greatest appeal.